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Monthly Archives: October 2020

3 Common Signs It’s Time for An Oil Change

3 Common Signs It’s Time for An Oil Change

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, consistent oil changes are essential to keeping your engine healthy and in good shape. Skipping oil changes can decrease performance and damage your engine. Life gets busy, but neglecting your regular oil changes may cost you more time and more money in the long run. If your car’s been acting unusual, pay close attention to the signs. Below are three common indicators it’s time to schedule an oil change.  Low Oil  If your oil is dangerously low, your vehicle can break down, and the engine can become permanently damaged. Engine oil keeps the engine’s hot moving parts lubricated and regulates the temperature. Without oil, friction can develop within the engine and cause it to smoke and overheat. In addition to low oil, you may also notice the consistency has diminished. The oil may appear dark and gritty, making it less effective.  Unusual Engine Noises Skipping oil changes will l ... read more